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Allison Island

Allison Island is an 8.5 acre island in Biscayne Bay that’s situated between La Gorce Island and North Beach. In addition its excellent location, it’s known for being one of the most exclusive and affluent communities in all of South Florida. Its large lots and oblong shape allow each of its privileged residents to enjoy unbeatable space and excellent waterfront living.

Allison Island real estate is some of the most sought-after in the world, offering both large homes and ultra-modern condos. The average single-home reflects the highest standard of construction and design, with world class finishes and exquisite features. Among the sumptuous standard amenities to expect our open floor plans, large docks, circular driveways, lush landscaping, pools, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and sprawling lots. A few properties even offer large back lots, tennis courts, and elegant courtyards. With a variety of styles and layouts to choose from, you’re bound to find the home that best suits your taste.

Allison Island’s prestigious location is a huge bonus in itself. It’s surrounded by water and accessible by only a single road that runs through it, given you ample privacy and safety. Despite its tranquil and seclude nature, it’s in close proximity to some of Miami Beach’s most luxurious restaurants, shops, clubs, and other leisurely venues. Indeed, Allison Island is less than a mile from such high-class attractions as Indian Creek Park and La Gorce Country Club, one of the most famous in the world. Furthermore, its Biscayne Bay location makes it ideal boaters and other nautical enthusiasts. There are few better options for enjoying the quintessential Miami Beach lifestyle.



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