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Indian Creek

The island community of Indian Creek, located adjacent to BalHarbour in Biscayne Bay, consistently ranks in U.S. Census data as among the top ten most affluent areas in the United States. Comprising only around 14 properties, it’s undoubtedly the most exclusive and prestigious fine living destinations in the country, which is why it’s so widely sought-after by residents from all over the world (indeed, some of the richest and most famous people in the world have called the island home).

The average Indian Creek property is massive, often spanning tens of thousands of square feet of lot space. Every home is distinctly designed and no two floor plans are exactly alike. Some of the most prominent architects, interior designers, and landscapers have been involved in constructing these palatial estates. Furthermore, all properties enjoy peerless access to the bay, granting their privileged residents incredible views of the water and mainland. Unsurprisingly, the average property is worth tens of millions of dollars, reflecting the sheer value that goes into these masterpieces of luxury.

With its small population and secluded location, Indian Creek already offers a tremendous amount of privacy and safety. In fact, it’s one of the few communities to be protected by its very own police unit, which includes around-the-clock patrols on both land and sea. You won’t find this level of tranquility and peace of mind anywhere else in South Florida.

And while you’ll have easy access to the many luxurious offerings of neighboring BalHarbour and Surfside – themselves among the wealthiest areas in the nation – Indian Creek’s renowned clubhouse will offer plenty more to do. This includes its centerpiece golf course, which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. Needless to say, Indian Creek is a paradise for golfers and nautical enthusiasts alike. Given such exclusivity, opportunities to purchase homes here are rare and much coveted.



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