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Venetian Island

The Venetian Islands comprise a chain of six artificial islands that are strung out across Biscayne Bay between the mainland Miami and Miami Beach. This unique archipelagic community offers some of the most luxurious and magnificent real estate in the region, set amidst a pristine and beautiful bay.

From west to east, the islands are Belle, Rivo Alto, Di Lido, San Marino, San Marco, and Biscayne. Additionally, there is the small Monument Island, which commemorates famous railroad pioneer and Miami founder Henry Flagler. Like the Venetian Islands, it dates back to the early 20th century, and is today used by many residents as a secluded and scenic picnic spot.

There are a wide variety of properties available on the archipelago, including luxury condos (found only on Belle Isle and Biscayne Island), waterfront estates, and large island single-family homes. Each residence offers unique features, amenities, and designs, giving you a wide variety to choose from. Many homes start below $1 million, and some reach as high as $30 million, giving you a good indication of the luxurious quality of Venetian Island properties.

Just a single toll road runs through the islands, connecting them to one another and the mainland. With this sole entry point, and just a few hundred permanent residences, the Venetian Islands provide a considerable amount of safety and privacy. Many residents subsequently take advantage of this friendly atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors, with beautiful homes, lush landscapes, and scenic bridges providing an amazing backdrop.

The view of the city and bay is unbeatable, making the Venetian Causeway a great place to exercise, take a stroll, or just relax. The pace of life is tranquil and easier-going, making the Venetian Islands a great choice for raising a family or retiring. Furthermore, the community lies fairly closely to both Miami Beach and mainland Miami, two vibrant communities that offer numerous attractions and leisure options.

Needless to day, the Venetian Islands provide a standard of sumptuous tropical living that’s unmatched by almost anything else in South Florida.



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