call us 305 502 3985

call us 305 502 3985



With one of the world’s richest selections of condos, apartments, and lofts, South Florida has no shortage of rentals and leases available that offer flexible and affordable opportunities for fine living. This fast-growing and cosmopolitan city caters to a wide variety of lifestyles and income levels, meaning there’s something for everyone no matter your budget. Calibre International Realty is one of the region’s leading providers of condo leases, offering a diverse collection of beautiful and accommodating residences from across the city.

The vast array of choices we offer guarantees that you’ll find the lease of your dreams. From the modern urban living offered by South Miami leases, to the chic beachside residences of Miami Beach, you can enjoy your pick of great condos. There are leases for young urban professionals, couples, or retirees seeking a laidback, beachfront lifestyle. And no matter where in the world you are, website can serve as a comprehensive guide to this exciting market. You’ll find detailed descriptions of all the top luxury condominiums, individual profiles on every available unit, and an up-to-date blog that connects you the latest opportunities.


leasing2Moreover, our listings are always kept live, which means you’ll get only the most reliable information on the latest leasing opportunities. We welcome you to browse through our inventory of available leases, or to use our advanced search function in order to find the condo that best fits your preference. Otherwise, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of dynamic real estate professionals is always available to help. We’ll offer you personalized service to find the lease of your dreams.



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